PictureCamp was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. The opportunity to learn from people I greatly admire in a group, and one-to-one, setting has really helped improve my confidence and enthusiasm for creating picture books. They all worked so hard behind the scenes to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and when providing individual feedback we all felt that they really cared about helping guide and enthusing our efforts. I can honestly say that the course has completely shaped and improved my approach to working, and for that I will always be grateful and in debt to the tutors and can’t thank them enough for their kindness. The course offered fantastic value for money on a number of levels and the week was filled with lots of great food, wine and activities in a beautiful setting. There was an unbelievable group chemistry among the attendees of PictureCamp, so many talented, creative and friendly people from different backgrounds and we all still keep in contact today- I feel very lucky to have participated in such an event. 
Thank you again Jorge, Marta, Benji and Alex for an amazing Picturecamp.
Stephen Padget

Picturecamp was a wonderful experience, both professionally and personally, and I would recommend it without hesitation to any aspiring children’s picture book creators.

The workshops and exercises covered many different aspects of picture book making, with each class being both insightful and practical. As well as helping me develop a better understanding of the picture book format, I built a useful ‘toolkit’ of techniques that I can readily apply to my own work.

The tutors generously shared their knowledge and advice, and the additional guest speakers were equally as interesting. Being able to have one-to-one discussions with them was also invaluable, as was being able to brainstorm and share ideas with my fellow students.

As well as the classes and talks, the social aspect of course was fantastic, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting the food, nor the evening activities, to be so excellent. It was great to spend time with the teachers and fellow students and chat about the day’s learnings over a glass of wine, on an evening walk through beautiful Atapuerca, or even in between Lindy Hop steps!

It was an absolutely pleasure to spend four days surrounded by such talented and inspiring people (tutors and my fellow students alike), and I strongly believe that Picturecamp has been a benefit to my career as an illustrator.
Andrew Gardner

Loved this course, such heaven to be surrounded by so many like minded people, passionate about Picture Books in such a beautiful location. Our days were packed with so much essential and fascinating insight and information about the world of Picture books and a funny tasks and exercises to keep us on our toes, literally!  All our tutors were extremely generous sharing their personal experience in the business. Refreshing to know that even if someone makes writing and illustrating a best selling children’s book look easy it doesn’t necessarily mean it is! I came away from four days in Atapuerca buzzing with ideas, knowledge and a new found respect for the art of illustrating a great Picture book, oh and some lovely new friends!

Annabel Tempest

I nearly stumbled upon Picture Camp and took the last spot at the last minute and couldn’t have been more pleased with my good fortune! Benji, Marta, Alexis and Jorge planned a completely magical four days so full of real life information, exploration and assignments that extracted such goodness – Picture Camp really changed the course of my life – or at the very least, the dark hours of each day ever since!

Margaux Kent

Invaluable is the only word to describe Picturecamp. It’s hard to put into words how incredible it is that such an opportunity exists. 

The knowledge and expertise shared by the tutors coupled with connecting with individuals dedicated to adding value through pictures and stories is nothing short of magical. And magic is the bridge between a story being great…and being unforgettable.
Liam Wyles

Picturecamp is very special.  For four days, in the middle of nowhere, there is an intense, challenging, fun learning opportunity with the big cheeses in picturebook making.  You’ll make new friends, get inspired and go home with brilliant story ideas. 
The only downside is that it is only four days per year.
Tina Mansuwan