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A 4-day intensive masterclass covering the fundamentals of picture book making. It will offer new and aspiring authors the opportunity to expand their skills in a friendly and relaxed setting, with award winning author/illustrators Marta Altés, Aitana Carrasco, Alexis Deacon, Ben Newman and Nadia Shireen… plus storytelling gury Ben Haggarty!

There will be practical advice and exercises on all aspects of creating picture books: writing, story building, composition, rhythm and character development, as well as how to market and pitch your book to publishers. The class will be limited to 20 students to ensure there is quality time to develop your ideas and get feedback.

And it is held in a historic and beautiful rural village, with good local food and wine, and a rare opportunity to experience Spanish culture.


Jorge Martín

Nadia Shireen, Yeti and the Bird

Nadia Shireen, Yeti and the Bird

Aitana Carrasco

Aitana Carrasco

Grandpa, Marta Altés

Grandpa, Marta Altés

Professor Astro Cat

Professor Astro Cat, Ben Newman


Alexis Deacon